Sindhya Vivekanadan

Sindhya Vivekanandan

Director of Professional Services

Sindhya Vivekanandan is the Director of Professional Services at Focus Technologies, a subsidiary of Team Focus Insurance Group. She manages a diverse team of engineers and is responsible for software delivery. In her tenure at Focus Technologies, she has been instrumental in growing the quality assurance department and has implemented various automated solutions and processes to increase the efficiency of the software delivery team. She also plays a key role in client engagement and onboarding. Ms. Vivekanandan has over eleven years of technology experience. She started her career working with Infosys Technologies as a software engineer and has grown into various roles like Quality Assurance Manager, Manager of Professional Services and Client Engagement Partner. Prior to her P&C experience she worked in the technology industry for clients likr Verizon Wireless and Bank of America.

Ms. Vivekanandan holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering from Anna University in India.

In her spare time Ms. Vivekanandan loves to cook and is curious to try out new cuisines. She also enjoys playing tennis, jogging and dancing to her heart’s rhythm.