PolicyPort® meets the market head-on with powerful, agile tools.

Packed with modules designed and built by people who know the daily work of P&C carriers and MGAs, PolicyPort will help you quickly cut costs, boost sales and thrive in a fast-changing market. Here’s what’s inside:

The PolicyPort® Solution • Digital Portals

Digital Portals

Self-service portals and workbenches give agents, MGA/MGUs, underwriters, accounting and claims people the features they need to zip through the system. Dedicated dashboards let users do everything faster: comparatively rate and quote, bind business, manage payments, claims and customer service.

The PolicyPort® Solution • ConfigurePort


ConfigurePort eliminates the cost and burden of updating custom code. It’s a low-code app that lets you configure with ease. Create new products, add or update new states, rates, forms or rules. A user-friendly mapping editor lets you connect policy data to specific forms and products or configure workflows to meet agent needs.

The PolicyPort® Solution • ExposurePort


ExposurePort lets you improve combined ratios and assess risk across lines of business to give customers tailored options. Adjust your risk appetite to meet market conditions, proactively manage exposure in real time, allocate capacity by zip, county, state or other criteria to drive your most profitable risks in the door.

The PolicyPort® Solution • API Integration

API Integration

PolicyPort’s large and continually expanding library of over 30 open APIs and counting enables seamless integration and data exchange with existing third-party solutions. You can optimize your ecosystem by connecting seamlessly to virtually any other web raters or claims management solutions.

The PolicyPort® Solution • BI Analytics

BI Analytics

Our robust data warehouse and powerful
built-in BI dashboards help you visualize and understand what’s going on in your business. View key performance indicators, analyze third-party data, generate reports on-demand and more. This level of visibility powers faster, more sound business decisions.

Want to see

PolicyPort in action?

Transform your policy management system into a dynamic profitability hub.

The PolicyPort® Solution • Powered by Focus Technologies

PolicyPort is an easy-to-integrate SaaS-based policy management system built for P&C carriers and MGAs that want to turn their core business system into an agile and cost-efficient profit hub — with none of the usual system implementation and integration hassles.

The right partner. The right solution.
The fastest, most frictionless upgrade.

Our team understands the challenges associated with updating existing policy management systems and works with you to implement and manage change in the smoothest and most seamless way.

Rapid deployment

We deliver a fast, secure and pain-free upgrade that fits your needs and requirements. You go live within 120 days, but functionalities can be rolled out gradually, so your business improves even before the full upgrade is complete. Our team has deep expertise in virtual infrastructures, data management systems and legacy replacement.

Easy configurability

Designed for easy in-house configuration, PolicyPort lets your team continually configure the solution so your business stays light on its feet and adapts easily to market changes, risks and internal user needs. That means you are freed from reliance on external vendors and can make changes in a quick and agile way.

Immediate + long-term ROI

PolicyPort eliminates ongoing development and consulting costs, so you reduce your IT spend and TCO right out of the gate. It also lets you run your business proactively and cost-efficiently, so you keep costs down and product offerings relevant — while improving the profitability of your P&C business over time.

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